Individuals configuration


Visibility: Businesses and Individuals can not see other Individuals (in user searches, directories, maps). This is of course visibility among members, but as admins we can see and manage them all filtering by groups.

Accessibility: Individuals can access Businesses to make and receive payments, even if they are invisible groups to each other.

1) In the app, the easiest is if they Receive a QR payment (as no user search is involved). In the "Pay" tab, we can 1.1) not allow payment to/from Individuals, or 1.2) make that the exact login name of the individual must be typed in to be found. Now 1.2) is configured, but let me know what you prefer.

2) In the browser, Individuals won't be found in the User Searches. In Banking > Pay user, an Individual will not be found in the Quick-search auto-complete option, but it will appear if the exact login name is typed in.

Here the members "Contacts" tab is very important. When a payment involving an Individual has been made, a member can save it as Contacts. In this way they will appear in the Contacts tab and will be easy to find and pay. If you don't want members to bother about this, Administrators can also create and manage member's Contacts.

All the above also applies for Stand-by (Registering or Inactive) users.

Disabled, blocked and purged users:

As an administrator you can block or disable users temporary. A user with the 'blocked' status cannot login via any access channel but will be active in the system, what means other users can see him/her and he/she can receive payments. Disabled users cannot login and are not visible by other users in the system (except for brokers and administrators). Removing users is irreversible, removed users cannot be set as active anymore. They will remain in the database for backup reasons. When removing users all advertisement and profile pictures will be removed. The user and transaction data will be kept, but will be only visible for administrators and brokers (with the permissions).