SMS Payments

Members can pay each other by SMS. This works as follows: a member sends an SMS with a “pay” command including the destination user and the amount to be paid. For example, “pay +18999091065 20”.

As a result 20 Currents will be transferred to the member with this phone number. The identification of the destination user can also be done by using an email address and login name.

By sending the command “accountinfo” to +18458091064, you can retrieve your account balance and scroll through your last 2 transactions.

Enable your phone for SMS
You can also request our administration to enable your phone for SMS on your behalf

NOTE: Save this number +18458091064 as Hudson Valley Current to easily identify our text messages, and to easily send the following commands to Cyclos.

SMS commands from member to HVC app

PAYMENT command: pay destination* amount (e.g. pay john 13,50)

*destination: can be either login name, email or mobile phone number.

ACCOUNT INFORMATION command: acinfo (e.g. acinfo) or acinfo page* (e.g. acinfo 3)

*page: optional, can be any number. Each page will show 2 payments, starting with the newest payments, if page parameter is not defined the first page will be returned.