Take a moment to get to know your way around the Current platform.

Navigating the platform is easy—click on an item in the blue horizontal MENU bar, and check out the submenu options in the LEFT SIDEBAR.

HOME  This is your dashboard, with shortcut icons and quick instructions for making trades. The left sidebar shows your trading balance and recent activity.

BANKING  Like an online banking platform, this shows a summary of your account, with a left sidebar option to make payments for things you buy using Currents.

USERS  These are your fellow Current members. You can sort them any way you like, and search using keywords. Click on a member photo or name to see their profile. Keep track of members that you trade with by adding them to your personal contact list (left sidebar).

MARKETPLACE  This is where you shop for goods and services offered by other members. Search and sort ads placed by other members, and use the left sidebar to manage your ads. You can also list your interests to receive alerts when new ads come online that offer what you are looking for.